5 Simple and Creative Pastries from Eric’s Cakes Creation

In this blog, you will see some of my creative yet simple pastries that I made for the years that I have been baking. They may be a little bit constructive in creating these pastries but designing them creatively will give you the interest not only just by making them but also loving them. So here are the Creative Pastries I made that I find it simple and delightful.

1.) Lebrom James Cake (back of the jersey type)
My brother has been a huge fan of Lebron James,which is one of the popular basketball players around the world, since he first played in the basketball history . He was from the Cleaveland Cavaliers team for years of playing in the basketball history so I planned to make him a birthday cake that will be all about him,Lebron James. Gladly, He loved the cakes that I made for him. The effort that I made was a worth not only for me but to my brother itself.

2.)Brown Panda Macarons
Panda is such a cute animal that I would want to hug them for the rest of the day. Most common pandas faces are white with black ears, nose and eyes. If you also heard the popular song Panda by Designer, you will know why I created these macarons because seriously I love that song especially the rap part.

3.) Deadpool Macarons
Deadpool is a great superhero that I ever met. He has the X-weapon that makes him cool in the movie and even in the comics. I created these beautiful macarons to celebrate the upcoming movie,which was 2015, and also to his fans.

4.) Graduation Cupcakes
Well a few months ago, I gave these graduation cupcakes to my friends and teachers not only as a gift but also to remember my creativeness in giving effort for this cupcake. These cupcakes are covered with a Chocolate Coating to add some crunch from my cupcake, which is somewhat I experimented. Gladly, They liked my the cupcake that I made during the Graduation Day which fulfills me for that awesome day. Anyway to those who graduated this 2016, “Happy Graduation Day” to all of you.

5.) Mockingjay Cake
I am a huge fan of hunger games trilogy so when the time that Mockingjay Part 2 will be shown in cinemas nationwide to my country, I tried to make a Cake that will inspired in that movie and I thought about the Mockingjay bird itself. I also created a video tutorial about how to make them. Click here


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