15 Cute Cupcakes Inspired By Different Cute Characters

Have you try to buy a cupcake that is worth to take some beautiful photos and then send them to your friends, family, and also post it to social medias like Facebook , Instagram and Tumblr?  If you do, These are some cupcakes that  will amazed you by its cuteness overload and it is worth to take a shot on it.Sometimes you can’t resist not to eat them because you don’t want to ruined them (especially if you didn’t take a photo of it).  Here are some cute cupcakes that I find it cute and creative and maybe you might also liked it.

1.) Totoro Cupcakes

from Celebrate with Cake!

2.) Pikachu Cupcakes

from Mandy Viso

3.) Minion Cupcakes

from Ana Isabel Caicedo

4.) Minion Cupcakes

from CakeDecors.com

5.) Lulu’s Cupcakes (from League of Legend)

from Rosanna Pansino

6.) Panda Cupcakes

from Kawaii Sweet World

7.) Rilakkuma Cupcakes

from Roslyn Sim

8.)Domo Cupcakes

from Happy Cake Studio

9.)Poop Cupcakes

from Benny’s Baker

10.)Emoji Cupcakes

from Cupcake Jemma

11.) Mickey Mouse Cupcakes
from Big Fat Cook

12.) Pug Cupcakes

from Wonderful DIY

13.) Owl Cupcakes

from Good To Know

14.) Pusheen Cupcakes

from Cukrowa Wrozka

15.) Cookie Moster Cupcakes

from RecipeHubs


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