8 Appetizing Finding Dory Themed Sweet Treats

The movie “Finding Dory” was released in cinemas a few days ago. Dory, the main character from the movie, is a friendly, warm-hearted and kind Blue Tang fish but she also has a short memory loss which makes her forget the things she do and remember. Here are some Finding Dory Theme treats that you may like in honor for the newly released movie and also to those who are a fan of her, Dory.

1. Dory Sugar Cookies

from A Sparkle of Genius

2. Dory Rice Krispies Treat

from Disney Family

3. Dory Cupcakes

from Martha Mendoza

4. Dory Lollpop

from Amazon

5. Finding Dory Themed Gummy Candies

from Obssesive Sweets

6. Dory Mini Cakes

from Meagan Makes Cupcakes

7. Dory Macarons

from Treat Factory

8. Finding Dory Themed Cake

from Rosanna Pansino


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