12 Popular Kawaii Macarons Inspired By Different Kawaii Characters

KirbyA macaron can be created depending on the way we wanted to be but what if we wanted to make them kawaii, a Japanese word of “cute”? That would be possible as we could design this pastry the way we wanted to be in a realistic way. Here are some amazing kawaii macarons that are not just kawaii but it is also a shot-worthy photo that can be send to your friends and families.

1.)Kirby Macarons

from Rosanna Pansino

2.)Minion Macarons
from Sumopocky

3.)Keroppi Macarons
from Alisa TokyoSelect

4.)Pikachu Macarons
from Imgur

5.)Bear Macarons (Rilakkuma)

from Anita Lu

6.) My Melody Macarons
My Melody
from Leanna Butler

7.)Hello Kitty Macarons
Hello Kitty
from The Java Cupcake Blog

8.) Line (App) Friends Macarons
Line Friends
from The White Ombre

9.) Doraemon Macarons
from House OF Red Velvet

10.)Pusheen MAcarons
Line Friends
from Loving Creation For You

11.) Unicorn Macarons
from Loving Creation For You

12.)Mario Kart Macarons
from Miki’s Pantry


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