12 Rosanna’s Amazing Sweet Treats That I Adore

Many of you know her as a Youtube baker. Rosanna, also known as “Ro”, was born in Seattle, Washington U.S.A. Her passion in baking came from her grandmother where in she used it not only for videos but also to be comfortable of the confidence she has. Through videos, she met a lot of Youtuber friends where in they make video collaborations in it which is the best idea she ever had to it. She often post some challenges she created with her friends too. She had a lot of subscribers and view in her channel which motivates her to make a lot of creative goodies. She also released her first cookbook, Nerdy Nummies, which I already bought by the time I was in Los Angeles. Here are some of the sweet treats that I find it adorable.

1. Chess Cake


Recipe: Watch It Here


2. Iphone Cake
Smiley face
Recipe: Watch It Here


3. Volcano Cake
Recipe: Watch It Here


4. Pikachu Chocolate Roll Cake
Recipe: Watch It Here


5. Nerdy Nummies Smart Cookies
Nerdy Nummies
Recipe: Watch It Here


6. Poo Emoji Meringue Cookies
Recipe: Watch It Here


7. Star War Death Star Cake
Smiley face
Recipe: Watch It Here


8. BB-8 Cake Pops
Recipe: Watch It Here


9. Frozen Princess Cakes
Frozen Princcess
Recipe: Watch It Here


10. Earth Cake
Recipe: Watch It Here


11. Gravity Falls Dipper’s Hat Cake
Dipper's Hat
Recipe: Watch It Here


12. Science Beaker Cake
Science Beaker
Recipe: Watch It Here


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