3 Youtube Bakers That I Inspired The Most

A lot of us dreamed to be a popular in different ways.Maybe not a sensational one but something that we worked hard for it but there are some people tends to find inspiration for us to push ourselves by learning what they do and applying it to construct one’s idea.

I,as a homebaker, learned alot of things not just by reading recipes, watching baking videos and stalking some blogs out there but also some good personalities that you will need when you make them otherwise things will get ruined depending on your personality.

Here are some Youtube Bakers that inspires me the most and gained my determination and eagerness through the passion I want.

1.) Rosanna Pansino
I’ve been a fan of here since I started to bake some goodies. She is such an inspirational person with a good personality.I loved her baking videos because her baked goodies are so creative and gorgeous and also the collaboration she had with her friends and family are the one that makes the video funnier and alive. I also bought her “Nerdy Nummies” cookbook that I bought from Target which contains a lot of amazing and decorative goodies that I want.

Rosanna Pansino
Check out here Youtube channel here

“Nerdy Nummies” Cookbook that I bought from Target in L.A


Some of her amazing treats

2.) Kawaii Sweet World (Rachel)
I’ve been a fan of her since I was an active Youtube viewer (around 3 years). Her baking videos are so kawaii, a japanese word of “cute”. I’ve applied some of here recipes whenever I make them and it was totally worth it. I loved how creative she is not only in baking things but also decorating her background everytime a new baking video comes out. She is also good in academics which also gives me the motivation in both ways (baking and studying).

Check out here Youtube channel here


She replied to my comment on her “How To Make Kiiroitori Lemon Bars” video

Some of her amazing treats

3.) Sugarcoder (Miki)
When it comes to decorative macarons or flavored macarons, She is the one. Her macaron videos are perfections. I am really inspired and salute her for that. She is my inspiration whenever I make macarons because her macarons are consistently perfect and also the decoration she designed for her macarons are so simple that you don’t need to use any kinds of expensive material to use for.


Check out here Youtube channel here

Miki and Rosanna at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Some of her amazing decorative macarons


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