10 “Worth To Try” Fourth of July Treats

Independence Day of the United State of America, also known as the “Fourth Of July”, is a special holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.It is the national day in the country. This event is commonly associated with  fireworks , concerts , parade , parties , family reunion and some political speeches about this event. It is also celebrated with some amazing and astonishing sweet treats that you would like to make in honor for the thirteen American colonies  who fight for freedom in the country. Here are some astonishing Fourth of July Treats that you would love to make and celebrate.



1. Fourth of July Chocolate Covered Starwberries
Smiley face
Fresh Strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate and sprinkled blue edible glitters
from The Sister’s Cafe


2. Fourth of July Fudge Stars
Smiley face
Melted White Chocolate mixed with Sweetened Condensed Milk then colored into three different color and molding it in the star chocolate template heaping three level-colored mixture then freezing it to form a fudge
from Hungry Happenings


3. Patriotic Cupcakes
Smiley face
Chocolate Cupcakes swirled with three-American Flag colored frosting
from RecipeHubs


4. Patriotic Cake Pops
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Mixed of Crumbled Cake and Frosting molded into balls then dipped into the melted chocolates and designed it into a Fourth of July treat
from Bee In The Bonnett


5. Fourth Of July Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
uly cokkie sandwich.jpg
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich side-coated with three different colors of sprinkle
from Pinterest


6. Fourth Of July Cake
Smiley face
A Whipped Frosted Cake with a sliced of a beautiful American Flag Cake
from The Secret Life Of A Chef’s Wife


7. Fourth Of July Jello Cups
Smiley face
Colored Jello Mixture assembled in the cups and decorated with a whipped frosting and a blueberry
from Cupcake Diaries


8. Fourth Of July Popsicles
Smiley face
Freezed pudding mixture in a popsicle stick
from We-Made-That.com


9. Patriotic Berry Triffle
Smiley face
Angel food cake layered with a sinfully rich whipped cream and sweet berries
from  A Heart Full Of Love


10. Fourth Of July Rice Krispies Treat
Smiley face
Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treat made and molded into a beautiful American Flag
from Two Sisters Crafting


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