10 Adorable Owl-Themed Sweet Treat

An owl lover? Then this is for you.It is an adorable animal that only wakes at night. It is such a fantastic idea coming up with a owl-themed treats that would make a pastry more attractive and adorable.  What I love about this animal is the “Hoo Hoo” sound at night. It is very exhilarating to hear it. Here are some amazing owl-themed treats that you would adore.

By the way as an Owl City fan, I thought of Adam Young (from Owl City) and it is his birthday today (July 5) so I just want to greet him a “Happy Birthday and God Bless”. I hope he continues his music career and some of his amazing scores music (Adam’s recent music project) because he was so great to it and I envy him for that. To celebrate, here are these amazing Owl City cupcakes and macarons that I made for him.

  Owl City Macarons

Smiley faceOwl City Cupcakes

Adorable Owl-Themed Sweet Treats

1. Owl Sugar Cookies
Smiley face
from Sweet Ambs Cookies

2. Owl Pretzels
Smiley face
from Crafty Girls

3. Owl Rice Krispies Treats
Smiley face
from Kitcen Fun

4. Owl S’mores
Smiley face
from Living Locurto

5. Wide-Eye Owl Cake
Smiley face
from Wilton

6. Butter Cookie Owl
Smiley face
from Etsy

7. Owl Popsicles
Smiley face
from My Owl Barn

8. Brownie Owl Treats
Smiley face
from Pinkwhen

9. Owl Cake Pops
Smiley face
from Home Interiors

10. Owl Cupcakes
Smiley face
from Mike Robson


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