16 Astounishing Rainbow Desserts

What’s better than a simple sweet treat? Something unique and colorful?  These sweet treats have been a trend since the summer started and until now, People are still craving for these awesome treats because of it’s awesome features.

I, as a home baker, wants to challenge myself for making one of this amazing and unique treats. I know most of the people are making this trend in a different way. It can be to fashion, lifestyle and also to food. These are some amazing rainbow desserts that I wish to make and also a worth to take a  shot on.

16 Astounishing Rainbow Desserts

1. Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Cake
from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

2. Rainbow Crepe Mille
Rainbow Crepe Mille
from Eugenie Kitchen

3. Rainbow Roll Cake
Rainbow Roll Cake
from Tbsp

4. Rainbow Mousse Cake
Rainbow Mousse Cake
from Sugar Hero

5. Rainbow Mousse
Rainbow Mousse
from Obsev

6. Rainbow Pancakes
Rainbow Pancakes
from I Am Baker

7. Rainbow Meringues
Rainbow Cupcake Frosting
from Cherrylanes Cupcakes

8. Rainbow Heart Cookies
Rainbow Heart Cookies
from Eugenie Kitchen

9. Rainbow Cheesecake
Rainbow Cheesecake
from Kraft

10. Rainbow Jello Cups
Rainbow Jello Cups
from Yummy Healthy

11. Rainbow Waffles
Rainbow Cupcake Frosting
from Tablespoon

12. Rainbow Cake Pops
Rainbow Cake Pops
from Instructables

13. Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

from Steves Kitchen

14. Rainbow Macarons
Rainbow Macarons
from Instructables

15.Rainbow Cupcake Frosting
Rainbow Cupcake Frosting
from Sprinkle Bakes

16. Rainbow Bagels
Rainbow Bagels
from Spoon University


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