My Trip To Georgetown Cupcake in New York


It’s been months since I’ve gone to this place and I never thought of it. I would say that these cupcakes are the best cupcakes that I ever tasted especially when it comes to the texture and flavor in it, it is moist, soft, sweet yet delicious. It’s been a dream to come down to this place with so much memories to hold on (of course I am a home-baker and as a home-baker, I want to assure that I already came to this place and I did it). So let me share to you my trip to the best cupcake shop in the world.

But before I share to you my trip, Let me first introduce to you about this awesome cupcake shop. Georgetown Cupcake is a popular cupcake shop in U.S that has six location all around the country. From Washington, where the first branch and the main branch was, to Boston to Los Angeles and also to New York. It was also been featured to  “TLC Channel” which  the show was named “DC Cupcakes” where business partners and shop owners, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, made their ultimate creations made of thousands of their signature cupcakes (I recommend you to watch these documentary series, these are the best and worth to watch on). How I wish to meet them in real life however by the time I was in New York, they were in Washington which we’ve went through on tour but never got the chance to went to their shop in Washington (sad life but still thankful). They have more than a hundred cupcake flavors in their shop and it cost around $3 per cupcake and I would say that these cupcakes are totally worth it. So let me start to share to you my trip to the best cupcake shop I ever tasted.

This is the shop’s menu so in this menu you can see their daily cupcake flavors and some other variety such as beverages and tea flavors.

A big Red Velvet Cupcake photo inside their shop which is totally astonishing and superb.

These are the counter and cashier, In this place, it’s the time for you to order their cupcakes or maybe beverages of your choice.

Some of their collections from the owner of the shop, Sophie, and Katherine. How I wish to have these collections of them but sadly it was locked and cannot be opened by the staff so I just took a photo of it to share with.

This is the diamond stand mixer. This is one of the most expensive regular-size stand mixer in the world. It costs hundred thousand dollars and luckily I got the chance to take a photo of it. The history behind this was that when the sisters put up their very first shop in Washington, D.C, their parents gifted them this awesome precious luxurious stand mixer. (How I wish to have one but luckily I’m happy with my own artisan stand mixer)

These are their daily cupcakes they sell on. The varieties are endless! Of course their most popular cupcake, which is the Red Velvet Cupcake, will never be off the list. but there are some other cupcakes such as Carrot Cupcake, Birthday Cake Cupcake and so much more.

Limitless boxes of cupcakes to packed on. (Lovely)

This is their working area, where they bake cupcakes, frost cupcakes and the assembly for packaging sold cupcakes.

Packaging my ordered cupcakes. (Yehey!)

Tada! My ordered cupcakes! Let me share with you the cupcake flavors that I ordered.

Of course! I will never ever going to leave a taste with their most popular cupcake which is the “Red Velvet Cupcake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting”. This shop almost sold millions of Red Velvet Cupcakes every month and every branch of their shop which is totallt mesmerizing. I bought two of this awesome flavor

This is their Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting with a sugar lemon as the topping”. This flavored cupcake is a bit sweet with a touch of tanginess which is also yummy! I love this cupcake (How I wish to have more of it but suddenly I already have insufficient money for that)

Salted Caramel Cupcake. This cupcake is also delicious especially that Salted Caramel Frosting! IT was the best frosting I ever tasted!

Vanilla Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting. This cupcake is totally good and worth it! I love the essence of the vanilla inside and outside the cupcake which makes my mouth to crave more of it.

Chocolate Cupcake with a Chocolate Ganache frosting and a flower fondant on the top. This is one of my favorite cupcake actually I brought the half of this cupcake on my way home to the Philippines which I shared it to my relatives and they were mesmerized with it. This is my top chocolate cupcake that I tasted so far.


These are the photos that my mom took when I was eating one of their popular cupcake. Thanks Mom!

                                                                       (c) To my mom

There is always a room for take-out! Of course it is one of the thing that I should do especially travelling it to my country ,which I did, to share it to my friends and relatives.

I am going to miss this place and it was one of the most memorable cupcake shop I have ever gone!

I hope you enjoy the trip of sharing to you my trip to Geogetown Cupcake! Until Next time!


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