My trip to Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in New York

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It’s been a month post again since I created “My Trip To Georgetown Cupcake in New York” blog. Let me share to you my another food trip or I should called “Patiserrie”.  I would say that there are only two branches all around the world and this is the original bakery of Dominique Ansel. The other one was in Tokyo, Japan, which I missed by the time I was there. So let me share to you my trip to Domique’s Bakery but before that let me introduce you about Dominique Ansel.

Domique Ansel is a professional pastry chef in New York. He also has his kitchen near from his Bakery (different place). He also invented one of the most craving pastries which is the Cronut, this pastry is only served on breakfast time (8am~11am). He also invented the cookie shots which became a trend all around the world (Actually I’ve challenged myself to create one of this awesome shots which I did it and sell it to my classmates and friends and they were sold out later on). He became my inspiration in baking things like this because he has a lot of techiniques when making them which I want to learn from him.

As a food critic, I would say that his bakery was too overrated. Actually when I went there together with my mom and brother, A long line blocks our way which makes us to fall in line at the end of it but gladly the line was moving fast. There goodies were amazing from the texture to its taste. I couldn’t imagine lining up there just to taste Ansel’s creations (that was the best day I had in that condition). I also met his Executive Pastry Chef Karys Logue and his  Manger Chef in New York (which I will show you later as you scroll down you will see his manger). So here let me share to you my trip to his creations!


This is the shop’s nameboard posted on the roof of their shop.

This is the line that I fall in. It might take a long run but it was all worth it. The girl with a red dress and an apron is the manager of Dominique Ansel (New York Based)

Of course there’s always a menu for everyone who will order some goodies.
Dominique Ansel’s Patiserrie is totally a heaven for all the customers who are coming! The varieties are totally endless. I can’t even choose which one will I order.

This is the shop’s working area where they bake and store their goodies.

This is the cashier. This is the time when everything got lost but nevermind about that. To emphasiseis the photo: Cookie Shots on the tray are bringing this photo up.

But first let me take a selfie


                               Meringues! Meringues! Meringues! by Dominique Ansel


Outdoor scenery of the Patisserie which I felt so good sitting on and feeling the ambience of its surrounding

Breads!! Breads! Oh wait Cookie Shots in a tray! The variety is endless!

Cronut Pastries are sold out! 😦 Which makes me fell sad about it! But anyway Condiments? Yes please!

I bought three cookie shots for my mom, my brother and also myself! Cheers!


Of course, just like what I did when I went to Georgetown, There is always a room for take-out! Here are some of his creation (Left Side:: Frozen S’mores, Middle: Cookie Shots, Right Side: Madeleines)


I think that’s the end of my journey! Stay Tuned for more food blogs to share!

Until we meet again for more food blogs and recipes! See ya!



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