Galaxy Macaron Recipe

Waking up from my dreams was the best experience I ever had. What I dreamed about that time was I am surrounded by multi-colored cities and a mixed of sunset-galaxy atmosphere. (It’s weird right? HAHA) Well moving on, It was an impromptu move making these amazing macarons not because about my dreams but because I was running out of ideas to flavor everything out. Thanks to Science for this wonderful ideas that you brought to me. I never expected that I would create a galaxy-themed macarons at that moment and it was an amazing oppurtunity to take on. Here is my own recipe of Galaxy Macarons.




Ingredients: (Makes about at least 12 pairs of macarons)
Macaron Shells:
3/4 cups of almond flour/meal
1 cup of powdered sugar
2 large egg whites
2 tbsp of granulated sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Violet, Pink and Turquoise Food Coloring Gel

Procedure (Shells):
1.) Line in your parachement paper on to your baking trays
1.) In a food processor,Put the almond flour and your icing sugar then pulse it until it becomes a well-fined powder
2.) In a large bowl with a large sifter on top, Put the processed powder (Almond and Icing Sugar) on to the strainer and sift them until there is no more lumps on the sifter. Then divide it into 3 using a kitchen scale
3.) In a stand mixer or large bowl with a hand mixer, Put in your egg whites and beat them until it gets frothy.
4.)Add in the granulated sugar a tablespoon at a time, Beat it until it get stiff peaks formed.
5.) Divide the meringue mixture into 3.Add in your (pink,turquoise and violet) food coloring gel then mix it until it is well-incorporated
6.) Put the dry mixture in to your egg mixture half at a time then fold it gently (approx. 15 strokes)
7.) Add in again the other half mixture then fold it until it has a molten lava consistency. (Another 5~10 strokes so all in all you have 20~25 strokes depending on the consistency of the mixture)
8.) Put the mixture into a pipping bag.
9.) In a cling or plastic wrap, pipe your macaron batter horizontally (pink first then violet followed by turquoise) then after you finished piping the three colors, roll the wrap then snip of the peak for pipping
10.)Put the cling wrap mixture into a pipping bag fit in with a small round tip.
11.) Pipe in your macaron shells in about 3cm in diameter.
12.) When you are done pipping them, Bang the tray a few times to release some air bubbles to it.
13.) Let them sit for about 20 minutes or an hour until your shells developed a hard skin on the top (Once you touch the piped shells, it doesn’t stick anymore)
14.) While waiting for the shells to dry, Preheat your oven to 275ºF.
15.) When your shells are already dry, Bake them in the oven (middle rack) for about 12~15 minutes
16.) When its done, Let them cool for about 4~5 minutes
17.) Remove them gently from the parachment paper then place them to a plate or tray.

Galaxy Vanilla Twirl Filling:
1/2 cup of unsalted butter
1/2 cup of icing sugar
2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 tbsp of heavy cream
Pink, Turquoise and Violet Food Coloring

Filling Procedure:
1.) Beat the butter until it gets creamy.
2.) Add in your vanilla extract and powedered sugar into the beaten butter then beat it until it gets incorporated.
3.) Divide the batter into three then color it using the colors that were said
4.) Put it into the pipping bag fit in with a small round tip or you can just cut the tip of the bag.

1.) Pair the macaron shells by its sizes
2.) Let the other pair of your shell turn upside down
3.) Put a generous filling to the upside down shell.
4.) Sandwich the cookie together
5.) Voila! There you go! Galaxy Macarons!

Important Reminders:
•Letting your piped macarons sit to form a dry skin is very important otherwise when you skip this step, your macarons will be crack on top and there will be no feet.
•Fold your mixture gently. If you undermixed it, you will get a peaks on the top even though you bang them on to the tray, they will never flattened and when you overmixed it (cupcake batter consistency) then you will get a flat or no feet macarons.
• Make sure your oven temperature is right for the baking otherwise when you bake them and pull them out from the oven, they will be underbake where in they are still stick to the paper.

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