Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It was definitely a time of the year to all of us! We are all here to celebrate this event every year with our family, relatives or maybe friends too. Well before I share to you my Christmas Holiday! Let me share to you some of my tough and fun experiences before the holiday came.

Not so long ago, I am having a tough time reviewing and taking up for my Finals. I was totally blown up when I saw the coverage that might be possibly  come up to our examination. But well, who knows? with more perseverance ,luck and hope. I can overcome these works , which I did. I, together with my classmates was totally relieved after I finished my Finals. Well I try to think about it for a while because grades are coming up  few days after it, which were already given. I am quite satisfied with my grades but still going to try to step it up in my  next semester of the school year.


Moving on, I also attended the AGAPE, Christmas Party (in our school) and Paskuhan, which were the two main events in our school. Well honestly, I only attended AGAPE because there are a lot of free foods that were to be served to all the students out there and it was fun because you can see a lot of people picnicking around the grandstand.
The Christmas Party was quite good too. I got to enjoy the games that they made and also the bond that we had for the 5 months that we’ve been through. Paskuhan is one of the event that I really wanted to attend because it only happen once a year and most of all the fireworks (I didn’t get the chance to take videos or photos to it due to low battery). I got to meet a lot of Filipino artists and also people, especially the alumni, college students ,during Paskuhan . Overall, it was by far the best experience I ever had for now but still looking forward to the next year’s Paskuhan.



15622627_1407410499272072_1679945672205439078_n                                        Some free foods that we got during AGAPE


15578907_1407410889272033_7335545766697691358_n                                   Stocks of food are to be given away for free!!

This is what picnic looks like in our school (25% crowded)

 Our Batch Christmas Party Class Picture

 Photoshoot together with my friends

Dabbing infront of the school’s Christmas tree

After the Paskuhan, I went back to my hometown to meet my family, especially my siblings. It was a tiring day after all the things that I’ve done during my school days but it was all worth it. We ate our lunch and dinner at a luxurious restaurant in honor for the celebration of my arrival (HAHA!). It was a pleasure to have them as they support me for what I want.



The next day after I went back to my hometown, I started to baked some ordered and Christmas-Themed  macarons for my aunts , brother and  friends. All in all I made more than 300 macarons with different flavors in just 3 days (2 hours/ day). Phew! That was very tiring but then again, it was all worth it. Gladly, I didn’t get any bad critics for my macarons which made me relaxed and happy. I can’t wait for more challenging experineces so stay tuned to my blog for more and bigger challenges.

Some of the macaron flavors that I did during the making.


                                                             Packages of macarons to go!


Next Stop, The batch Christmas Party (Junior High School). It was quite awkward to see my friends around the place but still thankful that I saw them again after 5 months. I got to meet my close friends too which made my awkwardness turned into weirdoness. I was so happy that some of my close friends was there as they helped me stand for who I am right now. I will never forget these people as they made good memories for me and to all their friends. Stay Strong guys and have youselves a Merry Christmas!

15622333_1407444749268647_8047176438689995341_n                             Batch Christmas Party Class Picture (Sadly we are incomplete)

15697745_1418121641534291_3564571808719656740_n.jpg                                       Reunion! So glad to have them as my friend!


After the batch Christmas Party, It was time for our family’s Christmas Party. I was glad to see my relatives during the party. We got to play a lot of fun games which made our bond tightly together  especially if the prizes are money (The stakes are high). I never expected that I have gifts too from my godfathers. It was very nice to have them as we enjoy every single thing in a fun and happiest way.
                  Dy Family
        Dy Family’s Family Picture
Dy Family
Family Feud Game! Sadly our team lose.


As our family’s Christmas Party ended, There is also room for our Noche Buena for the Christmas Countdown. Gladly, my mom bought some foods to eat on and my brother’s wine to drink on. It was quite nice and relief as we get to eat a lot of foods to fill our stomach.
Dy Family                            It will never be a Noche Buena for us if there is no wine! Cheers!


And that’s the end of the month  Christmas story! Stay tuned for more excited trips and experiences until next time!


A Merry Christmas to all of you! HO HO HO!❄️ ❄️ 


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