2016 Memories!

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2016 has been a rollercoaster ride for me since the beginning of the year. With a lot of ups and downs, I’ve encountered more experiences that I had from the past. Honestly, this is so far the best year that I ever had despite of all the stress that I had. Moving on, Here are some of my memories that made my year so delighted yet memorable.

 Promenade 2016
It was the last promenade that I had during my Junior High School days. Even though I didn’t get an award from this year’s prom, At least I got the chance to get along with my friends despite all the awards that were being distributed by the judges. I also had the chance to have a group picture together my friends with our suits and gowns on. Moving on, Here are some of our memorable prom photos that my friends and I caught during the event was on.

For more photos Click Here

UST Result
Well this was one of the greatest gift that I had in the year 2016. Honestly, I never thought that I would passed this test despite the fact that I failed my admission to Ateneo and LaSalle- which was my dream school ever since I was little child. I was so thankful to God and to my friends for being there to support me to pursue my dream. This will be a lifetime opportunity for myself! Thank you UST for this wonderful gift for 2016!

 Graduation Day
I never thought that we were going to wear a graduation outfit despite the fact that we were the first batch of the Kto12 program. It was also one of the memorable event that I had since we will be seperating from one another (just like a typical graduation that the past years had). Even though I didn’t have an honor in our class because I got a 78 in my report card (well that’s the rule in our school), At least I got some merits from the school such as being an Athletic Club President of our school (which was one of the stressful yet fun moment that I ever had during the last year of my JHS).Moving on, Here are some of our memorable photos that I caught during the event was on.

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 My Trip to USA
I never expected that my mom booked me, together with my brother and cousins, a flight to U.S. I was so shock at that moment when I heard those words until we went there. It was one of the best country that I visited because of all the places we’ve gone through. I was so happy that I got the chance to visit some of my favorite places such as Grand Canyon, Harvard University, Georgetowen Cupcake Shop and so much more. It was an unexpected yet the most fun experience that I ever had all throughout the year. Moving on, Here are some of our memorable photos that I caught during the trip was on.


For more photos Click the ff: West Coast East Coast 1 East Coast 2

Food Blogger
Thank you Boredom for being there for me! It was an another unexpected idea to make this action. Honestly, I just read some blogs recently from their sites and thought “can I be just like them?”. Through that question, That’s the time where I started to become a food blogger. From coding to coming up with ideas, I now have a blog that I could spend on despite all of works that I had during those days. Every new ideas that came up through my mind will all be written in this blog (which is what I am doing every now and then). I also got to meet a lot of food bloggers too which made me become a better blogger because of their advices and tips that they gave to me. Here is the front page of my blog feel free to check out my past and future blogs as I write them.

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Here are more memories that I had during the year 2016, feel free to look them out if you are interested:
Swimming Party
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My 17th Birthday!

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Trip to Dominique Ansel’s Bakery
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Trip to Georgetown Cupcake Shop
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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies together with my Sister


For more photos Click Here


For more photos Click Here

Welcome Walk

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Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Memories (blog)

For more photos check out my blog Link:Click Here

Racquel @18

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Visited one of my close friend
Sadly he was not there with us due to his sickness but I know he will be happy with God. I wanted to say thank you to him for being my close friend and also sorry for the things that I have done to him. Stay strong as you and God will be together forever!

For more photos Click Here

May we wish you a Happy Happy New Year!


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