Wedding Experience Blog

Before I start my blog, I would like to thank the newlyweds and to their parents for making these things happen. It’s been weeks since I’ve attended my cousin’s wedding. I didn’t expect that they will choose me to be in-charge of the souvenirs, which are the macarons, and the macaron cake tower, which was one of my dreams ever since I started baking macarons. I was so shocked because from making hundred of macarons to making three thousand macarons. The stakes are really high at that moment but then with a lot of patience and determination, I made it! I really made it! All my expected plans for that event were totally worked out (from process to assembly). It was definitely a surreal experience. The guests and the newlyweds totally loved the treats. I was so thankful for the trust that they gave to me. It was a night to remember and a great way to start my 2017 journey. Here are some photos that the photographs and I took during the wedding.

The crowd during the ceremony



The groom was waiting for her future wife


The bride was getting ready to walk straight towards her future husband


The bride was walking straight the aisle during the ceremony


Wedding Vows


Dy Clan Wedding Photo (together with the newlyweds)


Assembling the macaron cake tower


Of course, there will be also a photo together with the Macaron Cake Tower


Macaron Cake Tower by @eric_cakes


Macaron Souvenirs by @eric_cakes


The Reception



Macaron Cutting 



More Dy Clan Wedding Photos


A wonderful photo together with the newlyweds


The parents, from the bride’s side, were about to leave a message to the newlyweds


Until Next Time ☺☺



                                                                                              For more photos of the wedding Click Here                                                                                                                                        All Right Reserved 2017                                                                                                                          Credits: NQ Modern Photography,Photoman,                                                                                          and Marriott Hotel Staffs


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