“At Sunset” Themed Bagels

Funny Minion

School days are now over, I am now finally back to my world- where a lot of sweets exist. I am totally elated right now that I am going back to my “not-so-old-routine” creating new creations to share with. What I really miss the most is to bake tons of macaron in our house- which I’ve done 5 months ago before the wedding. Since then, I never made macarons again after which. I am so happily to bring back again my skills with pride and honor. I will definitely be active to my blog right now as my vacation goes on bringing you the sweetest treats that I could share with you!



Moving on, before anything else my sister, the cookie-bagel lover, wanted some bagels- specifically themed bagels. Well, I actually have not experience baking bread since then due to lack of ingredients- specifically the main ingredient “yeast”. I am a little bit scared of baking some bread too because tons of my bread that I baked were a failure due to lack of proofing time. I tried to make some since it’s vacation then it turned out really great. What a feature of the bagel was executed from the treat that I baked. It was definitely a time-consuming process but I am telling you it is all going to be worth it! All you are going to need is more patience for you to execute this well! Here’s to my Bagel recipe inspired by Rosanna Pansino’s Recipe- “At Sunset Themed” Bagels.



2½ cup of all purpose flour
½ cup of lukewarm water
2 tbsp of granulated sugar
1 tsp of active dry/ instant yeast
½ tsp of salt
4~6 drops of orange, pink, violet, and teal food gels ( you can also use rainbow- themed colors)
Funfetti Cream Cheese Spread

To make the dough, add the yeast, water, and sugar then mix until combined- let it sit for 3~5 minutes until it becomes bubbly. In a stand mixer with a hook attachment, Add in the yeast mixture and food coloring gel, and flour then mixed it at low speed for 5~10 minutes until it is well incorporated. In a large bowl greased with cooking spray, place the color dough and let it proof for 30~60 minutes until it doubled in size (repeat this process for your other colored doughs)

After it doubled in size, punch the dough to release the air from the yeast then roll it into balls. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a rectangular shape (repeat this process to the other colored dough then layered it to one another). After finishing the rest of the dough covered it with towel then let it rest again for 30 minutes

Cut the dough vertically (a half of an inch). Use the Twist-Roll-Spiral-Cut method then place it onto a baking tray. Let it rest again for 20 minutes

Boil half-cup of water into a saucepan then place the bagels into the saucepan for 30 seconds each on both sides. Place the bagels back to the tray and bake them in a preheated 400°F oven for 12~15 minutes.

Let the bagels rest for 5~10 minutes to cool down. Use a sharp cutting knife to slice the sides of the bagels.

Fill it with Funfetti Cream Cheese!

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