Suspicious Partner Ojju Bunny Macarons

Cast of Suspicious Partner Photoshoot It all started because of my mom- who has been watching tons of k-drama series ever since I was studying in the University. Honestly, I have been watching k-dramas too since I was in Elementary and High School Days- specifically Gr 6 up until Gr.9. The reason why I stopped… Continue reading Suspicious Partner Ojju Bunny Macarons

Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

It’s been a while since I made this treat. The last time I made them was during my classmate’s birthday- which is also his favorite treat. Nevertheless, I still made them again because it is my parent’s favorite dessert. To be honest, making this treat would be a lot of fun yet cheap rather than… Continue reading Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

Yogubar 3 Ways

Creating your own flavors of yogubar would be a fun thing to do! It feels like you are living a healthy life in a way you were tempted to try each one of them. I tried 10 different kinds of flavors- but these 3 flavors were definitely my choice. What is your favorite flavor? (Leave a… Continue reading Yogubar 3 Ways

Apple Raspberry Greek Yogubar

Have you ever tried going out of the house at a 45°C temperature? Maybe in my place, it’s a yes! Even though I have an academic calendar shift, I still feel the typical summer that I had during the past years. Every time I walk out of my room or maybe just to move a… Continue reading Apple Raspberry Greek Yogubar