Apple Raspberry Greek Yogubar

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Have you ever tried going out of the house at a 45°C temperature? Maybe in my place, it’s a yes! Even though I have an academic calendar shift, I still feel the typical summer that I had during the past years. Every time I walk out of my room or maybe just to move a step closer, I tend to become sweaty due to the outside weather temperature- sizzling hot. I tend to come up with a simple and easy recipe to freshen up my day and to share it with my family on a hot summer day. Gladly, it is my first time making these yogubars, which stands for “Yogurt Bars” in my own words.  Yogurt Bar is definitely a must-try treat especially for those people who wants to stay fit and healthy. As a request to myself, I will be making more ice pops and yogubar recipe for this summer! So stay tuned as I post more summer recipes on my website!


Apple Raspberry Greek Yogubar

Ingredients: Yields for 8 Yogubars
½ cup of Greek yogurt
1 medium red apple
1 tsp of freeze-dried raspberry (Substitute: ¼ cup of raspberry puree)
Popsicle Molder
Popsicle Sticks

In a blender, add in the Greek yogurt, red apple, freeze-dried raspberry. Blend the mixture until it is smooth. Run the mixture through a sifter to avoid any lumps and solids from the mixture then place the Youg mixture in each of the molds. Place the popsicle stick in each one then freeze for 6~8 hours.

To serve, Dip the popsicle molder in a lukewarm water for 30 secs then remove each bar by pulling the popsicle stick upward.

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