Suspicious Partner Ojju Bunny Macarons

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Smiley face Cast of Suspicious Partner Photoshoot

It all started because of my mom- who has been watching tons of k-drama series ever since I was studying in the University. Honestly, I have been watching k-dramas too since I was in Elementary and High School Days- specifically Gr 6 up until Gr.9. The reason why I stopped watching them is that I need to focus on my studies more because watching tons of dramas can lead me to addiction- which is not bad but it can somewhat ruin a part of my life HAHA!

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Moving on, I have been a huge fan of some Korean Actors and Actresses such as Nam Ji- Hyun, Yoo Seung Hoo, Gong Yoo and Bae Suzy and so much more ever since the beginning of my “Korean-fanboying- journey”. I am so glad that I finally see them again on some of the recent series especially Nam Ji-Hyun – a huge fan of her ever since she was young especially in her series “Queen Seondeok” as young Deokman. 

Ji-Chang-Wook-Nam-Ji-Hyun1 Suspicious Partner Couple’s Poster

One of Nam Ji Hyun’s recent Korean series was the “Suspicious Partner (수상한 파트너)” as Atty. Eun Bong-He – together with Ji Chang Wok as Atty. Noh Ji Wook. To be honest, I am definitely stuck with their chemistry while watching it despite the seriousness of the crimes that they are holding and fighting on. Moving on, I was also stuck with their kawaii stuff toys- which were their “Ojju” bunny dolls.


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It was my first time making character macarons inspired by Korean dramas series. I am also glad that I made them the way I wanted too. It may be hard at first but as soon as you manage to master the macaron recipe, you will be alright! I will be giving tips on how I made them! Stay tuned for more updates on my blog!

bunbunSuspicious Partner “Ojju” Bunbun Macarons

Tips and Tricks:
✔ Check out my macaron recipe here
✔ For the bunny template, Click here
✔ For the designs (when the macaron mixture is combined), use 2 drops of sky blue or 2 drops of green apple food coloring for the ears, black for the eyes, eyebrows, whiskers, mouth, and white for the head
✔ If you are having trouble to master the macaron mixture design tips, You can also use edible food coloring or royal icing for stable results as a substitute. (Green/Blue, Black)
✔ I prefer using baking mat as it stays the shape of each macaron compared to parchment paper
✔ Let the macaron rest for 15 minutes before adding the macaron mixture for the designs then let it rest until they are all set and ready to bake
✔ Bake the character macarons for 20~22 minutes at 275°F
✔ Any fillings will do! (Curd, Ganache, Buttercream, Jam)

Nam-Ji-Hyun-Nara-Ji-Chang-Wook-Choi-Tae-Joon-Suspicious-Partner-Script-Reading-e1492214028485        The Cast of Suspicious Partner with their scripts

19959435_1910246949245271_5826967195983517844_nThe staffs, cameraman, casts of the k-drama series “Suspicious Partner”


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 Suspicious Partner Wrap-Up Party

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