Descendants of the Sun Plush Toys Macarons


First things first, I want to congratulate Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo for their engagement and their marriage this coming October 31, 2017! It was kind of a shock to me and to all SongSong shippers out there but definitely, you guys definitely deserve to be together and we are all excited and elated for you!

Moving on, in honor of the SongSong couple’s upcoming marriage, I wanted to do something that will always remind me of their relationship ever since the “Descendants of the Sun” was released – it is the Fox and Bunny Plush Toy macarons that was shown in some of the episodes of the DOTS drama (specifically shown in the first episode where Captain Yoo Si-Jin (also known as “Big Boss”) and Sergeant Soo Dae- Young (also known as Wolf) were at the arcade and won these two stuff toys. Whenever I watch this drama, I always thought and admired their chemistry- which all the SongSong shippers do too. Honestly, most of the people thought that the dating rumors between them were somewhat fake in different ways due to lack of their relationship information- even I myself didn’t believe of- until all the legit and credible entertainment news spread out of nowhere and shocked a lot of people including the SongSong fans and other expected love teams for each one of them. Thankfully, my doubts and assumptions were definitely real and I just can’t wait for that wedding to happen! Once again, congratulations to the SongSong couple! Furthermore, feel free to check out my tips and tricks on how I made these Fox and Bunny Plush Toy macarons.

  • Their drama, Descendants of the Sun, was one of the highest-rated Kdrama in 2016- it has reached 46.6% of the audience viewers.

fox and bun

Tips and Tricks:
Check out Loving Creation For You for full details!
For the  template of the design macarons, Click here
You will be needing a lot of piping bags and food coloring for this recipe
You can use any kind of filling (It can be buttercream, ganache or jam for this recipe, the variety is endless)
These macarons baked faster than the round macarons (For me, it takes about 13~14 minutes to bake)
For the basic French Macaron Recipe, Click here

giphy-downsized-largeUntil Next Time (My Best Scene from DOTS)


4 thoughts on “Descendants of the Sun Plush Toys Macarons

  1. Oh wow, what an amazing tribute to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki! They’re an absolutely adorable couple and I’m also glad they’re getting married. Keep doing what you do, you’re so talented!

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