Kim Bok Joo Macarons

It’s been 3 days since I watched the first episode of this popular K-drama television series entitled “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. I know I was too late for it because this drama was aired last year (2016) – even my classmates and friends already watched all the episodes ( I felt outdated about it!). Watching this drama somehow reduces my stress from all the problems that I have right now. Every episode in this drama is definitely worth-to-watch ( I recommend this comedy K-drama for those who didn’t watch it yet).

One of the reasons why I watch this drama is that Lee Sung Kyung is the leading role of this drama as “Kim Bok Joo”- a professional weightlifter with an ambitious personality. Honestly, I was intimidated by her despite that she is funny in this series but also her personal looks- I was shocked when I found out she has a short-weirdy-colored-hair plus her fancy outfit. But as soon as the episode continues, I was definitely engaged and appreciated her looks and role as she gives somewhat an aura to ship her (HAHA!). I am not yet done with this series (I still have 3 episodes left to go) so please don’t spoil the drama.

Moving on, I made this Kim Bok Joo character macarons just to show my love for Lee Sung Kyung! (HEHE!) Feel free to check out my tips and tricks on how I made them and I will be leaving down below the recommended links that I will write!

Kim Bok Joo

Tips and Tricks:
For the basic French Macaron recipe, Click here
You will be needing orange, black, light pink food coloring to color the macaron mixture (For the hair, eyes, mouth, and cheeks respectively)
Make sure to practice sketching it out first before you make the macarons (It will be quite handy and time-consuming once you use tons of piping bag to created this design)
Every design has its own interval time to rest
– First, you need to pipe oval-shaped macarons (Rest for 20 minutes)then pipe the hair, eyes, mouth, and cheeks.
These macarons bake faster than the regular macarons (It will take 15 to 17 minutes to bake)
Once you sketched out the design, make a template with the design you made in a short or long coupon bond paper


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