Kawaii Girl Macarons

It’s been a week since I made some Kim Bok Joo Macarons and blog recipe. After I finished making those macarons, it all comes down to my leftover macaron batters. I didn’t have any idea to do some round macarons but then I tried to make different Girl macarons (together with my Kim Bok Joo macarons). I have to say, the results were just fine (which made my expectation satisfied).

Honestly, this was my first time making this kind of character macarons. I still have a hard time making the process but hopefully, I get to use with it and master the process as time goes by  (Confession: I am neither good at sketching or drawing but I still do it no matter how hard the details are).  Making these macarons may be time-consuming but I will tell you, with the right process and details -even though it was not perfectly colored as long as you are satisfied with it- things will be just fine. (So don’t worry about it, I will be leaving some Tips and Tricks on how to do these macarons right!)

Feel free to have my “Tips and Tricks”  on how I made these macarons. Stay Tuned for more recipes and “Tips and Tricks”.




Tips and Tricks:
 For the basic French Macaron recipe, Click here 
Make sure to work quickly on the process because macarons are too finicky that somehow you may be ruin if you don’t do it right
 You will be needing black,  light pink food coloring to color the macaron mixture (For the hair, eyes, mouth, and cheeks respectively)
 Make sure to practice sketching it out first before you make the macarons (It will be quite handy and time-consuming once you use tons of piping bag to created this design)
 Every design has its own interval time to rest
– First, you need to pipe oval-shaped macarons (Rest for 20 minutes)then pipe the hair, eyes, mouth, and cheeks.
 These macarons bake faster than the regular macarons (It will take 13 to 15 minutes to bake)
 Once you sketched out the design, make a template with the design you made in a short or long coupon bond paper
Since the process that I made was just a leftover, if you would mind starting a new batch the ratio of the batter will be 4:1:1:1


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