It’s been a while since I blogged my  last blog, I am here to give a message to all the people who supported my site and passion no matter what on the day of my birthday:

“18 years of existence 😂😭😍🎉 I want to thank all the people who never gave up on me through my ups and downs! I just want to cherish my special day with something I have been working on! Also, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Eric Cakes! Thank you for your non-stop support y’all! To my family and friends, also known as my “Eric Cakes Team”, Thank you for being there whenever we have some big tasks to do on! Until the next birthdays to come!

Your blogger and baker,

Honestly, Every minute of the day was the best moment I ever had throughout my that day. I got to take photos of myself with my homemade cake that I made before the birthday comes- it was such a relief and thankful that I get to do something that I had worked for.


To my mom, who took a photo of me, THANK YOU for your cooperation and the support that you gave to me. I have no words to say. You’re the best!


To my sister, who baked Donuts for my birthday, THANK YOU for being there for me no matter what. I am glad that we get to enjoy the things that we want as we chase our future! Just keep up the good work and be nice to us and to our family!

Moving on, Here are some moments that we did on the day of my 18th birthday:

Photoshoot  © To my Mom

Birthday Wrap Treats

Wrap Up Party! 

Post-Birthday Celebration with my former classmates at PUI 大同

Thank you for these wonderful gifts from my classmates at PUI 大同


And that’s the end of my birthday moment! Until the next birthday to come!

See you on my next blog!


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