Goblin Themed Macarons

Most of us want to be with the person who will always protect us from anything just like how Goblin protects his bride. The story is all about an immortal person named Kim Shin, also known as the “Goblin” who has been living in the world for 939 years, is about to search for his…… Continue reading Goblin Themed Macarons

Scarlet Heart Themed Macarons

Not too long ago, I’ve watched a K-Drama series entitled “Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. It is an epic series wherein 941 years ago, a girl named Go Han-Jin (cast by IU)  is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty time and was named Han Soo in that period. Through then, he met tons of prince who will…… Continue reading Scarlet Heart Themed Macarons

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Themed Macarons

Watching K-drama series and executing them into a treat has been my routine all throughout my vacation. I never had the chance to make any sort of character macarons until I started to watch K-drama series. It just gives me a sort of motivation to the things I loved. Aside from baking, I have been…… Continue reading “Kill Me, Heal Me” Themed Macarons