“Kill Me, Heal Me” Themed Macarons

Watching K-drama series and executing them into a treat has been my routine all throughout my vacation. I never had the chance to make any sort of character macarons until I started to watch K-drama series. It just gives me a sort of motivation to the things I loved. Aside from baking, I have been doing tons of sketches on my own breezy-quiet room.  Also, I’ve been teaching myself how to speak simple Korean words (still working on my accent, discovering more vocabulary words and learning to construct each word into a sentence).

Moving on, One of the K-drama series that I’ve watched was the “Kill Me, Heal Me”. It is all about a guy named Cha Do-Hyun who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder or also known as “Multiple PerSonality Disorder” (a total of 7 personalities: Cha Do Hyun himself, Shin Se Gi, Ahn Yoo Sub, Ahn Yoo Na, Perry Park, Nana and Mr. X) is about to find out his past memories with the help of a psychiatrist named Oh Rin Shin. Feel free to watch this series (I dare you to watch it, it is totally worth it plus you will learn a lot of medical terms to it if you are going to be a future doctor or a medical employee)

After finishing this series, I made some “Kill Me, Heal Me” themed macarons and also drew a kawaii poster from the fans (by I am No Good Drawer). I will be leaving some of my tips and techniques down below.


“Kill Me, Heal Me” kawaii poster sketch by I am No Good Drawer


Tips and Tricks:
For the basic French Macaron recipe, Click here
You will be needing black (For Cha Do-Hyun’s hair, eyes and mouths), brown (for Oh Ri-Shin and Oh Ri-On’s hair), pink (for the cheeks), white (for the eyes) food coloring to color the macaron mixture (Ratio of mixture 4:3::1:1= black:brown:pink:white)
Make sure to practice sketching it out first before you make the macarons (It will be quite handy and time-consuming once you use tons of piping bag to create this design.)
Every design has its own interval time to rest
– First, you need to pipe oval-shaped macarons (Rest for 20 minutes)then pipe the hair, eyes, mouth, and cheeks.
These macarons bake faster than the regular macarons (It will take 15 to 17 minutes to bake)
Once you sketched out the design, make a template with the design you made in a short or long coupon bond paper


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