Goblin Themed Macarons

Most of us want to be with the person who will always protect us from anything just like how Goblin protects his bride. The story is all about an immortal person named Kim Shin, also known as the “Goblin” who has been living in the world for 939 years, is about to search for his bride, the only one who can remove his sword from his body. Once the sword has been removed, he can finally live into the afterlife and rest in peace. However, the relationship between the bride named “Kim-Eun Tak” and the Goblin goes stronger and longer which creates a romantic-sweet-suspense couple.
Goblin and his bride
I’ve already watched the series three months ago and it was the by far a great K-drama series in 2017. Although it was an overrated series all around Southeast Asia, I would like to tell you guys that it was definitely a worth-to-watch series. People in my place gone wild especially when the couples cuddles to each other (which I also liked! HAHA). I would like to congratulate to the cast of the series for making this to happen!
Goblin and his bride

To Gong Yoo, who I’ve been a huge fan of since the series “BIG” where he acted as the lead-doctor role, You are the best! I am excited to look forward to more of your projects soon!
Goblin and his bride

Moving on, I also made some macarons that are inspired by this K-drama series. Feel free to have my recipe and techniques if you are interested I will be leaving the tips, the techniques and the full recipe of how I made these macarons.


Tips and Tricks:
 Check out my Macaron Recipe here
✓ Print out the template here
 For the Goblin’s Sword, use 3 drops of green (light or dark) food coloring gel and a black edible food marker (for the details)
 For the Goblin’s Bride, use red food coloring gel and black edible food marker 9for the details)
 For the Grim Reaper’s hat, use black food coloring gel
 For the Sunny’s ring (lover of the Grim Reaper), use green food coloring gel
 For Deok Hwa’s credit card, use gold food coloring gel or 1 Tsp of coffee powder, white food coloring gel, black food coloring gel and black edible food marker (for the details)
 Bake time of the macarons:
– Goblin Sword (8-10 minutes)
– Goblin Bride’s Scarf (7-9 minutes)
– Grim Reaper’s Hat (6-8 minutes)
– Sun Woo’s Ring (6-8 minutes)
– Deok Hwa’s Credit Card (12-14 minutes)
 Fill them with any fillings you like! (I use my vanilla filling which is on my macaron recipe blog)
Bon Appetit! Chalmusahamida!

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