Best of 2017 Memories

2017 has been a great year for most of us. I have been through ups and downs too but despite that, I also hold good memories for the people and things around me. It shaped the person that I want and expect to be as I go on with my life. Through then, things that I needed to wash out must be done before the New Year comes as the new self will be formed but before that, I wanted to bring out the memories that I had back then. I never thought that every month of the year became special to me as the tick-tocking of the clock moves. I never regretted the decisions and opportunities I made through this year, it has been a wonderful year with different colors that was spread by the lightness and darkness of shades on my journey. I wanted to thank those people- specifically my friends and families- for the support, trust, and perseverance that they gave to me. I will always hold on to these things as my journey goes on. To sum it up, Here are the memories that I would never forget for the year 2017:

                   Mr. & Mrs. Cokee Wedding 2017 + My 1st Macaron Tower Experience   

              Check out my “My Wedding Experience Blog” here: Wedding Experience Blog

                                                       Sister’s Birthday   

          Check out my “Black Forest Cake/ sister’s Birthday” blog here: Black Forest Cake

                                           Vacant Challenge in Hong Kong Disneyland                                       

 P.S: I want to thank all people who liked and reacted to my photo, I know it’s really a trend and I really wanted to participate in it! To be honest, I really enjoyed the trip!   Once again, Thank you!
For more photos: Click here

    Bangus Festival 2017

P.S: I had the chance to meet various singers such as Micheal Pangilinan (lower left) and  E.A De Guzman ( lower middle), Thanking these people for having such a wonderful trip around the festival!

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 K-Drama Macarons
Binge-watching Kdramas for 5 years is something that I’ve done during the long days whenever I’m studying, doing nothing or anything. It is such an honor that to create these macarons, I will be making more K-drama themed Macarons soon! So stay tuned!

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18th Birthday
The best birthday I ever had. Thank you for the friendship that you guys brought to me for the decades! To my family, Thank you so much for supporting me all the way! I will keep in-touch on it!
For more photos: Click here         
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  Batch Reunion Memories
Thank you guys for your presence even in a short amount of time!

To my close friends who are always there for ups and down
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EXO saved me!
Being an EXOL has been a great opportunity. It brought a lot of inspiration and motivation to me as I do what I love. EXO never let me down since the time they were born as a group. I want to thank them for being such a great band. To be honest, I wanted to watch their concert for the first time even though they have gone here in the country for a lot of times! I will never miss the opportunity again once they come back! EXO see you soon! (EXOL since 2012 😍😍😍😍 )

Check out their social media for updates:
Instagram @weareone.exo
Twitter @weareoneEXO

Unexpected Playlist
Thank you to 1.6 million people who streamed my While You Were Sleeping Playlist!
For the Playlist: Click Here

Here are more of my memories during 2017!

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Journey to Hong Kong

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More Throwback Memories!

I want 2018 to be my year! Good health, deeds, grades (actually everything). I wish that my bucket list that is unfinished this year will be done next year! To the obstacles that I will encounter next year, I will fight, finish and beat you up no matter what! More memories to come next year!



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