EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons

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K-pop has been a great influence on me in almost every that I do. It is something that I keep on finding when I am about to search my motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, It has been my routine of life as I search for my happiness.


Being a huge fan of the groups is not a burden to my family (HAHA!). I became a better person whenever I root for them in every music shows, festivals or even live concerts (which I haven’t go yet), especially EXO (엑소) which is a very popular boy group in K-pop. I also have a lot of bias idols in every group but EXO (엑소) never lets me down in every performance that they do. I really love them as individuals and groups as they do their job to entertain their fans!

In honor of @weareone.exo recently new Winter Special Album “Universe”, and their upcoming Japan-edition album “Countdown” on January 31,2018. Here’s to my EXO (엑소)- Themed macarons as an appreciation post for being a huge and loyal fan since 2012. Feel free to check out my recipe if you are interested, I’ll also be posting some tips and techniques on how I made them.

EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons


Tips and Tricks:
✓ Check out my Macaron Recipe here
✓ For the Hair use the following color:
  • Yellow (Sehun and Xiumen’s hair)
   Red (Chanyeol’s Hair)
• Black or Brown (Lay, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O’s hair)
✓ For the Eyes, use black edible food coloring and white for the detailed eyes
✓ For cheeks, use pink or red food coloring gel
✓ For the mouth use black for the outline and red food coloring el for the tongue.
  In making these macarons, make sure to pipe first the faces of the characters then rest it for 20 minutes before outlining the details
✓ Bake time of the macarons for 18 minutes at 350°F
 Fill them with any fillings you like! (I used my vanilla filling which is on my macaron recipe blog)
 Bon Appetit! Chalmusahamida!

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