Unicorn-Themed Chocolate Bars

Creating something different is never a wrong thing to do. I have been experimenting tons of treats by simply doing a trial-and-error method by using different measurements of ingredients resulting in different results. Somehow, I found it frustrating whenever I am not satisfied with the results but then practicing and analyzing the mistakes I’ve done was the right thing to do as I create them. Little by little, I got better results until I made them right.

Regular Chocolate Bars are too common for my taste. So I created a customizable yet trendy  Unicorn-Themed Chocolate bars that are great for gifts to my friends who love Unicorns. What made me love about Unicorns was that they are magical yet colorful creatures from another dimensional world.

Making a homemade chocolate bar is easy to make. You can customize them whatever you like as long as the varieties are in your hands. Feel free to check my full recipe down below if you want to make them on your own! I will also leave down the recipe for the full recipe of my customizable Unicorn-Themed Chocolate Bars:


65g of cocoa butter
2 tbsp of condensed milk
1 tbsp of full-cream milk powder
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Pink, Teal,Violet Food Coloring
Chocolate Bar Molders

1. In a large saucepan with a large pot on the top, double boil the cocoa butter until fully melted. Then set aside.
2. Add in the condensed milk, full-cream milk powder, and vanilla extract, mix until fully combined.
3. Divide the mixture into 4 colors: Pure White, Teal, Pink, Violet. Add in the food coloring to each of the mixtures.
4. Using the chocolate bar molders, scoop an amount of mixture to each colored mixture until it is full in touch, Bang the molder, leaving a clean flat shape on the top.
5. Use a toothpick to swirl the mixture from the filled chocolate molder for a rustic and colorful texture.
6. Freeze the chocolate bars for 5-6 minutes until fully set.
7. Package them whenever you want or you can eat them right away!


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