My 2018 Journey

2018 has been one of the most favorable years that I had among the 19 years that I had all throughout this year. I get to have a lot of good memories this year as I had a lot of amazing journeys that I have made and accomplished. To be honest, I never thought that I would be able to do all these things as days goes by. From admissions, achievements, concerts, creations, new friends, contests, and so much more, I finally got to cherish each one of these events this year with pride and honor. I just want to thank all the people who supported and guided me throughout the year because without them I would never be in this position where a lot of people are present and are by my side acknowledging my actions, enjoyments, and passion.  Thank you 2018 for bringing the best year of my life. To this, I will be sharing you some of the amazing memories and journeys that I had back from the start until today!

Passed 3 out of 3 College Admissions in the Philippines

Honestly, I never thought that I would be able to pass all of the college admissions that I take because I already failed once during my Senior High School. Senior High School really made me the person I am right now in which I have built my confidence to enhance my skills and knowledge that made me become a better student like most students in the university. I just want to thank my parents and fellow classmates who guided and supported me through this journey. It was one of the reasons why I want to pursue my passion in life

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EXO PLANET #4: The Elyxion Concert
This is the very first KPOP concert that I attended and it was the best concert I ever have seen. In addition, I also gave a lot of giveaways in honor of their concert here in Manila. Speaking of EXO, they are definitely the reason why I became something different that I never had. You guys made a fantastic job in the stage! Thank you guys for making my 2018 the best year of a ride
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ENTREP Bazaar Journey
It was indeed one of the most challenging projects we ever made. Despite the problems we have encountered, we still managed to entertain and make new friends at the university. I just want to thank Claire for being the groupmate I ever had in this kind of project. You really did a great job managing and helping us in the bazaar! I really enjoyed selling and marketing all our products on the campus. This is one of the memories I will cherish on!

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Graduation Day!

UST was really the university I would come and visit again! I never thought that I would bring pride and honor to my family as I became an honor student at the university! It was such a surreal moment that I survived UST! Thank you to all the people- especially my mom- who supported me through my journey! This will be one of the best highlights I would ever have in 2018!

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Graduation Photo

This is one of the profile pictures from my Facebook that become a bomb! I just want to take all 3,700 people who reacted to my photo. It was indeed a great opportunity to have it! It’s been a while since I posted my Vacant Challenge. I never expected to have another trendy post in the media! Representing myself to all K-POP fans out there- specifically TWICE and EXO
For my long appreciation post: Click Here
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Owl City Philippines Fan Gathering

The fact that we have gathered together was the amazing journey I ever had in this event! Owl City was one of my favorite U.S band and I never doubt Adam Young himself as an individual! Thank you for bringing an amazing “Cinematic” album in the hauz! You made us live in a surreal world again! Until next time!

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19th Birthday!

“Walk the Moon band tasted my macarons”

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Seventeen “SAEM” Fansign Gathering

It was really an impromptu decision to go in this event! Honestly, I expected that a lot of people will be raging around the mall as it is free admission! What matters the most is that I finally met them face to face and it was an achievement! Seventeen you never failed us! You guys are really amazing as you go and have a fan sign in our country and I thank you for that! See you soon Seventeen!

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MBC Show Champion in Manila

I am glad that I finally met EXO again for the 2nd time! I want to thank Ate Anj! For being my companion in this journey. It was definitely an amazing concert despite the problems from the production! Nevertheless, all the performers did an amazing performance! Kudos to all of them and especially to my one and the only favorite group at the concert, EXO!
For videos and more photos: Click here

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Collection of my K-POP Lightsticks

K-POP Giveaways that I won

I never thought that I won these K-pop Collections! Over thousands of people joining in this contest, I never thought that I will be one of them! Thank you, Kuya Keith and other people who made this an amazing ride of my journey!

Friends for KEEPS!

Honestly, they are the people I will cherish on! From the first time we met as block mates and became groupmates up until the end, we definitely made a lot of amazing journeys throughout the university! See you around and thank you for making my 2018 a one hella ride!

My 2018 Baking Creations

Here are to my baking creations, I just can’t wait to bake something new in 2019! For me, I think baking something new will make me a better baker through which I became more versatile to the things I bake! It made me become a better baker.

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Again, I am hoping that 2019 will be my year! I am just wishing for my parents to be in good health- especially my brother and sister! I am also hoping for an amazing journey again just like what I did this year! I want everything to be in good hands!


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