My 2019 Journey

Looking back to my memories 2 years ago, I never know and expect what I would be able to get much of those memories as I get along to my journey. 2019 has been one of the most prestigious years of my life wherein I get to enjoy and cherish the things I like and want throughout the year. Moreover, I also get to enhance and see what I am capable of through this journey as the people around me are supporting me. Again, it was another roller coaster ride as I get to experienced a lot of ups and downs but new opportunities have come in my way wherein I get to grab the opportunity to experience new things throughout my life as I get to see what path I may cross as I walk along through the path of journey. This year has been by far the best year of my life in terms of exposing who I am as a person. With that, I can’t wait for what 2020 will take me as I experience new things and get along through it. A new journey is about to unlock and I can wait what this path will take me!

Moreover, Going back to my 2019 memories, a lot of new memories have been gathered through this year wherein one of them is where I get to explore the passion of my life- which is baking. I got to compete in one of the biggest culinary competition in Manila wherein I get to compete with a lot of professional bakers. I am really proud to showcase what I am capable of having said that there are millions of bakers who wanted to grab my slot for the final competition. The stakes are very high but every one of us was doing their best to win the competition. As a result, all of us have created amazing creations wherein the judges were really impressed. For more of the memories about this journey check out my memory journal below for more of my journal experience. Moreover, there are more memories that I would be showcasing as 2019 is about to end. Feel free to check out my 2019 memory journal if you want to see my experiences and journeys during the year’s timeline.


Blackpink World Tour in Manila

One of the most awaited K-pop Girl Group has come in Manila. It was such an amazing experience to see them live and to enjoy singing along with them while they are performing. I didn’t expect that I would be a part of this crowd and it was such an honor to be in their area! Having said that, they are all so gorgeous from the stage background to their overall package performances. Thank you BLACKPINK for giving us an amazing performance! To LISA, you are just so phenomenal with your “Swalla” dance and I will cherish that as a BLINK! To ROSÉ , Thank you for giving us a goosebump performance. To JI SOO, thank you for giving us humorous laughs and outstanding performances all throughout the show. To JENNIE , just wow! 😍😍 you were amazing with everything! 😍😍 See you soon girls! 💖🖤 BLACKPINK in your area!
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Party+ Ikon Special Performance

Honestly, I never expected to be a part of this crowd! I want to thank my cousin and uncle, Tim and Roy, for accepting and inviting me to the party. Again, It was indeed an amazing night! Thanking Samsung for this amazing launch party of Amazing Galaxy S10 together with one of the most awaited special K- pop group iKON! Thank you, Bobby, Jinhwan, DK, Yunhyeong, Chanwoo, B.I and Junhoe for the wonderful performances! I was so happy to meet them in a short amount of time! Next time I will be coming to your concert soon and it will already be on my bucket list because you guys are damn phenomenal! 😍😍😍 See you around guys!
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ASEAN Integration Presentation

This presentation happened on the 18th of March as a project in one of our courses. Overall, I really enjoyed everything from the script to our performance. Indeed, the cooperation and unity of each one of us led to a good presentation which was deeply acknowledged by our professor. Also, it was an honor to wear the national costumes of each of the countries that were assigned and represented by us. I will never forget this presentation of a lifetime!


Baking Workshop by Chef Ted Fung Chua

This is my first baking workshop at the University. I really enjoyed every aspect of the workshop from the demonstration to the pastry itself. In fact, I also get to meet new people in the workshop. I also learned a lot of things here such as the different techniques being used to create a perfect Cream Puff bread or also known as the “Pate Choux”. More workshops to come, please!!!


The most solid block mates I ever had!

My journey to my University will always be a memorable one with these people! Thank you guys for living up the class! You will always be in my heart no matter what paths are we taking on! I will miss you guys as 2019 will about to end! Until we meet our paths again! Love you guys! “Lagi niyo lang tatandaan na suportado ako sa mga landas at pangarap niyo!”


“Going Guiltless With Sugarlyte” Competition Journey at the MAFBEX Event 

One of the most memorable big competitions I have ever competed on! Teaming up with my cousin was the best part of the competition because of the support and teamwork that she gave to me! I want to thank her for making my dream happen at this moment in time! It was a dream come true to showcase my skills and techniques in this competition! Also, to the people who supported me, thank you for being there for me in this journey of a lifetime! As I said again, I can’t wait to join more competition and to showcase what I am capable of in the future run! This is such a big opportunity that I have grabbed on and I am so proud of it! Creating these desserts are the precious things I made through this journey! Also, winning a special prize of “Best in Petit Fors” is such an honor to serve with! Thank you to the Peotraco organizers and judges for seeing our potentials in terms of our dessert! Until the next competitions to come!

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Seo Kang Joon Fan Meeting in Manila

It was really an unexpected moment that I had the chance to see and Hi-5 one of the most inspiring actors that I ever watched on Kdramas! From Baek In Ho, Nam Shin, Nam Shin 3 to On Joon Young! He is just an amazing actor and singer! Also, just wanna thank him for recognizing our same sleeves during the Hi-Touch moment! It was definitely surreal! Looking forward to more of his dramas in the future! Also, thank you so much hyungie (Randy Pasion) for taking me with you on this fan meeting and also for the free ticket so much!
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Mom’s Birthday

Every year, I always make a cake for my mom’s birthday and it was the precious thing I could ever give for her! I want to thank my mom for appreciating my creation, it is such a big help for me to pursue and improve my crafts and arts in baking! Creating the best cakes just for my mom!



One of the best Kpop concerts and that I went to this year! We have waited for 3 years and finally, we have seen you right in front of us! Maraming Salamat TWICE for coming here in Manila! We really waited for you girls and we are glad to see you so much! You girls never failed us to impress more and more which is the reason we loved you! I can’t say no more because you’re performances were a hella dope and amazing! See you, girls, on your next tour! (I would gladly to come again on your next tour coz you girls did your best out of it). Also, I didn’t expect to meet the parents of Momo and gladly took a selfie with Papa Hirai, the father of Momo! Thank you so much for coming to Manila! We are really thankful that you have visited our country full of the PH-ONCE who are very cheerful to see the group! To Nayeon and Dahyun, thank you so much for impressing me more of your talents and I got to say, you girls are still my bias up until now and you guys are so beautiful. To Sana, thank you for having eye contact with us while you were being interviewed by your members. To Chaeyoung, thank you so much for being in our section during the concert journey! To Momo, for that wonderful dance breaks and moves and because of that you became my inspiration through my journey! To Mina and Jeongyeon, you were really amazing, I hope you get well soon Jeongyeon! To Jihyo and Tzuyu, 😍😍😍 I was stuck with your performances, I really enjoyed and loved you guys! You girls are the best! Honestly, this group has been one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen! Kudos to JYP for this amazing group! We are so thankful for this girl for treating them well with their talents! 😍😍 Again, see you at your next concert tour!
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PALAWAN Tour 2019

It was my first educational trip wherein we flew via plane to Palawan! It was an amazing experience together with my friends and block mates as I get to experience different activities such as island hopping, sightseeing, snorkeling and so much more! We got to take a lot of pictures together with my friends that will serve as memories of a lifetime! Until the next trips to come!

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My 20th Birthday

Say no more to teenager, hello to adulting!



Fine Dining Experience + Service Learning Activity

These activities would not be made possible without our dear professor, Sir Gil Acuña. I really had an amazing experience and time to be with my block mates in this kind of event! I get to be the speaker in each of the events which are an honor to do so! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to become a speaker! Until the next amazing events to come!


PRIMLAB Experience

This is my first subject of practical cooking lessons! It was a great opportunity to meet Chef Mac for being one of our professors in our class! I got to learn a lot of things from him and it was an honor to have him! Also, I couldn’t have done these lessons without my fellow block mates! We get to experience different types of cookings and get along with each one of us! Until the next cooking lessons to come!

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Dean’s Lister Yey!!!

I never expected to be a Dean’s List in the class! It was an honor to acknowledge myself through the hard works that I had throughout the school year! Thank you De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde for giving this amazing reward to us! It is a pleasure and an honor to have and claim on!




Actually, I just really wanted to enjoy my life that led me to dance! Honestly, I am not that good nor professional in dancing but still, I am trying my best to perform what I can HEHE because it just makes me happy! I never expected to cover a lot and I think I still need a lot to work on! Happy for this cover so far! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram channel!

For more KPOP dancing cover videos: Click Here


2019 Pastry Creations

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Plated Dishes 2019
(Desserts and Entreé)

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Spinning Tour in Manila (GOT7 Concert)

Another successful concert that became memories! Thank you GOT7 for making amazing performances and music for us! After 3 years of waiting, you made it happen for us to have a concert here in our country and as a fan of yours, I really admire your confidence and power to do all things just for your fans! Never would I know that I would be a part of the crowd together with thousands of iGOT7 fans! Until the next time guys! It was a total fun yet entertaining concert because of all of you! 😍😍 #GOT7KeepSpinninginMNL

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Travel and Tourism Exposition 2019

What a tiring journey! I managed to experience a lot of competitions in this exposition wherein I became a flight attendant during the In-Flight Safety Demonstration, Cultural Dance and Booth Making representing Israel! What matters the most is that I get along with a lot of friends that made the exposition more memorable! Thank you guys for the amazing journey!!! See you guys around! Special mention to Sir Jack, our professor in this exposition, for supporting us during the competition

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YHE Arabian Nights Competitions

It was a great experience and opportunity to compete against my fellow Benildean future chefs and also the fact that I am wearing my Chef’s uniform on behalf of my university with pride and honor. Although, we didn’t bring home the bacon nor any awards the memories that we have gathered and done together with my partner was the most memorable reward that I could cherish on! Honestly, we didn’t expect to finish 2 competitions, 5 dessert creations in a span of 3 hour- time limit! Nevertheless, we really enjoyed it and had fun through it! With that, we will be joining more competitions to explore more of ourselves! 😍 Also, a big Thank you to Amidala Lizares for being my partner in the competitions! I couldn’t have done these desserts and pressure without you! So proud of what we have done! Cheers to us!!!!

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Batch Christmas Party 2019

It’s been 4 years since we were apart from each other! I just want to thank you all for inviting me to the batch party once again! It was an amazing and fun time sharing our memories and chismis together at that moment in time! Missed you all and see you around! Good luck sa future niyo!


Cheers to my 2019 Self! 

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