Hello! I am Eric, a home-baker , a food photographer and a food blogger. I started baking a lot of stuffs when I was 15 years old. I don’t know what comes up to my mind doing these things but when I found out that I did some stuffs like this, I just pursued it and do more creative goodies that I could make then share it to my friends and families. I never expected to become a home baker back when I was not yet baking but when I started, things changed.

I like to tell you that I finally have my first blog site  for my sweet creations. It may be a little weird because it doesn’t look realistic but anyway as soon as I create some blog post right into it, I will hopefully develop some skills that a food blogger have.

Well moving on, Let me give you a short brief about what will be inside of my blog.

Eric’s Cakes will be posting some unique creations that anybody hasn’t done yet.  It will also contains some sweets that may recommend for everyone else. For example: Some Treats For Your Friend’s Birthday”, “Top 10 Matcha Dessert that people are craving for” and so much more.

I will be posting some of them! So stay tuned!