“The Garden of Eve”

It’s been almost eleven months since I blogged out my last blog about my “2019 Memories”. All-day long I found out that I have been busy with my creations in which I tend to post all my desserts via Instagram. If you hadn’t followed me yet, feel free to follow me at @eric_cakes (Just click…… Continue reading “The Garden of Eve”

My First Competition Journey/ Chocolat Pataté Douché dessert

I am glad that I am back with a lot of new recipes to share with you! 4 months of the break had made me missed a lot of things as I am on the road of doing my academics and works. It was definitely one of the fastest journeys I ever had all throughout…… Continue reading My First Competition Journey/ Chocolat Pataté Douché dessert

Chocolate Dream Cake

People called this dessert as one of the trendiest desserts of 2018 as it became viral through all social media in the Philippines. This dessert contains a lot of chocolate galoré layers- which contains 5 layers of chocolate flavors. The first layer is the moist chocolate cake The second layer is the bitter chocolate filling…… Continue reading Chocolate Dream Cake

K-pop Lightstick Cookies

Every Kpop group has their own trademark when it comes to their merchandises. One of those is the lightstick, this is used during the concert as it symbolizes their love and support for the group they want whenever they perform on stage. Most of the people rage to buy this lightstick especially if it is…… Continue reading K-pop Lightstick Cookies

Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a creamy, light, and tasty cheesecake? “I DO!” Ever since I made my first cheesecake, It was never a dull moment for me to have them at once- because they are my favorites. Cheesecakes have been my favorite treats right before macarons. What I love about them is that they are just…… Continue reading Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Blackpink Themed Chocolate Bars

I’ve been a Blackpink fan, or also known as “BLINK”, since 2017. Never would I thought that these girls will be one of the most outstanding girl group that I would meet as they give us astonishing performances on stage and videos. Since then, I am also watching all of their reality shows, music comeback…… Continue reading Blackpink Themed Chocolate Bars

Mom’s Birthday/ Lemon Meringue Cake

It’s been three days since my mom’s birthday, I never thought that time flew that fast as gold as we all aged day by day. I am so grateful to have a mom like her as she supported and motivated me through all my achievements in life. Celebrating her birthday was a memorable moment that…… Continue reading Mom’s Birthday/ Lemon Meringue Cake