K-pop Themed Cupcakes

Another “It’s been a while” post for my blog. I never posted blogs for two months because it’s been a rough day in our school filled with tons of paperwork and project over and over again. Furthermore, I have also baked orders for consecutive weeks for our Entrepreneurship subject which was really a tough decision as… Continue reading K-pop Themed Cupcakes

EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons

Welcome to K-pop World!   K-pop has been a great influence on me in almost every that I do. It is something that I keep on finding when I am about to search my motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, It has been my routine of life as I search for my happiness. Being a huge fan… Continue reading EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons

Best of 2017 Memories

2017 has been a great year for most of us. I have been through ups and downs too but despite that, I also hold good memories for the people and things around me. It shaped the person that I want and expect to be as I go on with my life. Through then, things that… Continue reading Best of 2017 Memories

Christmas- Themed Character Macarons

Christmas is just around the corner! It feels go to be back home- with the spirit of Christmas -as I will be making more creations that I have imagined and planned during the days when I am still studying at my University far away.  I am planning to make some macarons that are inspired by… Continue reading Christmas- Themed Character Macarons

Chocolate Macarons

One of the most popular flavors in the world has been used in almost all of the food across places. From sweet to savory- the varieties are endless! Every time I go into places, Chocolates never let me down as they are seen in my surroundings.  It is such an obsessive way for me to… Continue reading Chocolate Macarons

Goblin Themed Macarons

Most of us want to be with the person who will always protect us from anything just like how Goblin protects his bride. The story is all about an immortal person named Kim Shin, also known as the “Goblin” who has been living in the world for 939 years, is about to search for his… Continue reading Goblin Themed Macarons