Unicorn-Themed Chocolate Bars

Creating something different is never a wrong thing to do. I have been experimenting tons of treats by simply doing a trial-and-error method by using different measurements of ingredients resulting in different results. Somehow, I found it frustrating whenever I am not satisfied with the results but then practicing and analyzing the mistakes I’ve done…… Continue reading Unicorn-Themed Chocolate Bars

Corgi Macarons

Ever since I’ve been scanning a lot of character macarons all around the social media, I always ask myself if I would challenge myself on doing something like this. But then I decided to do it so as I believe it can showcase my creativity on making something intricate as I made them. Through this,…… Continue reading Corgi Macarons

K-pop Themed Cupcakes

Another “It’s been a while” post for my blog. I never posted blogs for two months because it’s been a rough day in our school filled with tons of paperwork and project over and over again. Furthermore, I have also baked orders for consecutive weeks for our Entrepreneurship subject which was really a tough decision as…… Continue reading K-pop Themed Cupcakes

EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons

Welcome to K-pop World!   K-pop has been a great influence on me in almost every that I do. It is something that I keep on finding when I am about to search my motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, It has been my routine of life as I search for my happiness. Being a huge fan…… Continue reading EXO 엑소- Themed Macarons

Best of 2017 Memories

2017 has been a great year for most of us. I have been through ups and downs too but despite that, I also hold good memories for the people and things around me. It shaped the person that I want and expect to be as I go on with my life. Through then, things that…… Continue reading Best of 2017 Memories

Christmas- Themed Character Macarons

Christmas is just around the corner! It feels go to be back home- with the spirit of Christmas -as I will be making more creations that I have imagined and planned during the days when I am still studying at my University far away.  I am planning to make some macarons that are inspired by…… Continue reading Christmas- Themed Character Macarons